Russian style

Women’s Day

Women’s Day – March, 8

Widely celebrated in Russia

Loved by all women —  mothers, daughters, grandmothers

A Day of Flowers

Women's Day Moscow Tulips

The most popular flowers of the day are tulips of different colors!

The men are lining up for flower arrangements!

Women's Day Moscow Flowers 2Women's Day Moscow Flowers 3Women's Day Moscow Flowers 4

Women's Day Moscow Flowers 5

The garden created inside Petrovski Passaj makes you feel really as if you are in spring in spite of still winter looking streets of the city. The music adds to the created festive atmosphere!

Women's Day Moscow Music

Moscow Municipality put volunteers at the bus stops to greet women with flowers!

Nice and unexpected!

Women's Day MoscowWomen's Day Moscow 2

Wishing all the women happiness!


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