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«Tsaritsyno», the summer palace no tsars lived in

The museum-reserve Tsaritsyno, an architectural complex with a huge park , ponds and a fountain, is located in the south of Moscow. The palace was built as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine the Great. Passing by she fell in love with the picturesque view of the landscape and bought the site from the Galitzines.


The first architect, Vasily Bazhenov, worked on the palace ensemble for 10 years. When the construction was almost complete in 1785, Catherine visited the site to inspect it. She considered the palace to be most uncomfortable to live in – with the rooms too small and dark, narrow staircases and low heavy ceilings. The architect was replaced by Matvey Kazakov who rebuilt the Grand Palace.


The construction was not complete again, the Empress died, and her successor, the Emperor Paul, showed no interest in the project.
For more than 200 years the site was abandoned and only massive ruins remained declining in the beautiful park, until it was fully restored in 2005-2007. After the reconstruction the Kitchen Quarters and the Grand Palace were open to the public housing displays.


Originally the architectural ensemble was built in Neo-Gothic style, the Grand Palace surrounded with a green park, number of pavilions, pergolas, artificial grottos and decorative bridges. The place where no Russian tsars happened to stay and enjoy its beauty now is open for public and called the Historical Architectural Art and Landscape museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”.


The museum focuses on displaying the collections of decorative arts, both Russian and European, the exhibitions are held here all year round. You can attend classical music concerts in the halls of the palace or join summer open- air musical festivals in the park.

Quite an easy access to the complex makes museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” a place where you can enjoy a full day of outside park activities in summer and cultural offerings of the museum.

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