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Tsaritsino Festival of Historical Gardens

Twenty-five miniature gardens of different historical epochs are exhibited in the Tsaritsino Park, the exhibition will last till September,8. Last year it was the first festival,  and even then it attracted more then 320000 visitors because of the interesting concept to show the gardens inspired by history.

Famous architects and landscape designers presented their miniature gardens to the public and professional jury of the festival: the Roman Empire Garden, French Garden of Medieval Times, the Epoch of Modern Garden and many others.

Tsaritsino Festival of Historical Gardens 4Tsaritsino Festival of Historical Gardens 5

Tsaritsino Festival of Historical Gardens 5

My favorite, and later the winner of the competition, is  the Mondrian Garden, the one inspired by Red, Yellow, Blue and Black, a famous painting of Pete Mondrian. The Mondrian Garden is the Image of the New World – a quintessence of contrasts: the geometry of straight lines, bright colors with soft natural forms  that  carries the idea of harmony and balance expressed in the relations of Heaven and Earth, male and female, vertical and horizontal. The authors of the project are Natalia Klimova and Olga Lomatchenkova.


Tsaritsino Festival of Historical Gardens 6

Some of the space is given to the gardens filled  with flowers, fruits and vegetables of autumn season.

Tsaritsino Historical Gardens 7Tsaritsino Historical Gardens 8

August, 31 was the day for the international jury to nominate the best gardens, then it was followed by the ceremony closing the festival, and an open-air concert. The same day was announced as The Day of Park Ceramics. There was presentation of the park ceramics, and those would be later placed permanently at the Tsaritsino Park as a gift from the artists to the museum.

Tsaritsino Historical gardens festival cover





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