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A Waltz Of Flowers

March, 8 is a real spring holiday in Russia. It might be still cold, with some snow outside, but the flowers carried by men and women finally break the ice of long winter. This is a day to show you love and friendly feelings to all the women you know: family members, friends and colleges. You might be engaged into so many activities that day, but if you escape for couple of hours you would see how the Muscovites celebrate it in Petrovskiy Passaj.

Women's Day in photos 1

You feel the special atmosphere everywhere: concerts and music all day long, greetings from unknown people, and everything covered with flowers! The busiest time for flower shops and cafes as the most popular gifts are flowers, chocolates and perfumes.

Women's Day in photos 2Woman's day in Moscow, celebrationsWoman's day in Moscow, celebrationsWoman's Day in Bosco cafe

The most loved flowers of the season are tulips of different color, then comes a mimosa flower, and the others are mostly offered in variety to make bouquets. The stream of flowers in the grey landscape of the streets makes Moscow look so different adding promise of soon coming spring. While drinking coffee in the Passaj you enjoy being in the centre of 3-day-lasting garden.

 International Woman’s Day is with foreign friends!

International Woman's Day in Moscow

The program is complete when you sign some retro greeting cards,

And you buy some flowers to your dearest friends!

8 March greeting cards8 March greeting cards, 28 March greeting cards, 3

Our happiness and joy makes the snow melt!

Enjoy your celebrations in Moscow!

8 March, flowers

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