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The Ukraina Hotel’s 60th anniversary

One of the most spectacular landmarks of Moscow, the building of the Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraina is one of the magnificent Neo-gothic skyscrapers known as “Seven sisters”.

“Stalinist classicism” or “Stalinist architecture” is now a part of national art which preserves outer symbols as stars, hammers and sickles to remind us of the bygone Soviet era. The corner towers of the hotel are decorated with wheat sheaves and vases. The central building is crowned with a tower with the spire pricking up into the sky. You see this high building from so many places in Moscow. Choose this hotel to stay and you can always find the road home.

The arial view of Ukraina Hotel


On entering you are greeted by two sculptures “Motherhood” and “Queen of the fields”. There are also about 1200 original paintings  by the most prominent Russian artists of the first half of the 20th century, some works by Alexander Daineki and Vasiliy Polenov on the walls of the hotel.


The hotel Ukraina Moscow Lobby, sculptures

Walk in the Lobby and enjoy the art of the Soviet period.

Hotel Ukraina Moscow, Lobby, Sculpture 1Hotel Ukraina Moscow, Lobby, sculpture 2 Hotel Ukraina Moscow, Lobby, sculpture 3

The highlight of the entire collection  is a famous diorama “Moscow – the capital of the USSR” located in the Lobby area. It shows the historical centre of Moscow and the city surroundings from Luzhniki to Zemlyanoy Val in the year 1977, the year of its creation.

The diorama was made by the order of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an exhibition in USA by the team of artists led by Yefim Deshalyt. Miniature of Moscow was exhibited in New York with great success attracting 30000-40000 visitors daily. The astronaut Neil Armstrong wanted to purchase the diorama after the exhibition but Soviet government gave a laconic answer: “Moscow is not for sale”.

The hotel opened on May 25, 1957. It closed in 2007 for a complete renovation and restoration and reopened in 2010. The façade was restored in detail while modern technology has been added to the infrastructure of the hotel. The interior decoration changed completely with the new style corresponding to the concept of the place but modern, light and luxury.

Ukraina Hotel Moscow, a room

The hotel has 505 rooms, 38 apartments, 17 restaurants and all the facilities to make your stay enjoyable. It is full of light and you see fresh flower arrangements everywhere you go. When the night comes the atmosphere changes mystically.

Ukraina Hotel Moscow dining 2Ukraina Hotel Moscow dining 3

An express elevator can take you to 29th floor where the restaurants are. In summer there is an access to the outdoor terrace. The sparkling lights of the city at night or daylight views of Moscow are  fascinating. You capture the main sightseeing points — the Kremlin,  the White House, the World Trade Centre and Moscow City. The location of the Radisson Royal Hotel, on the west bank of the Moskva River, is really impressive.


This year is the 60th anniversary of the hotel. It had a long history as Ukraina Hotel Moscow and now keeping the traditions it is open to the world’s tourism as Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow. Congratulations!

With gratitude to the photographer Natalya Inkina and models Maria Levina and Alexander Schamsutdinov.




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