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The Museum of Tropinin

The Museum of Tropinin and artists of Moscow  was open in 1971 with the generous donation of the building itself and the collection of paintings of the 18-19 century made by Felix Vishnevskiy, a famous collector of Russian Art of that period.

The beautiful mansion of the 19th century is preserved in the original condition with the alterations to make it function as a modern museum and a cultural center. The collection of the museum includes more then 3000 artworks, therefore the exhibitions are held seasonally to put into display and exchange different paintings.

Tropinin Museum paintings 2

Vasiliy Tropinin, an artist, the founder of “Moscow school” of painting, a famous portraitist of the 19 century is presented mostly in the museum. There are also paintings by other famous artists of that time such as Argunov, Antropov, Vishnyakov, Levitskiy, Rokotov, Shukin and others.

A Painting by Tropinin Tropinin, self-portraitA painting by Tropinin 2

It is best to follow the calendar of the temporary exhibitions held at the museum as they happen quite frequently. At the moment there is an exhibition called Aquarelle Portrait with best watercolors of K.Brullov and A.Brullov, P.Sokolov and V.Ghauh. A famous private collection of Sergey and Tatyana Podstanitskiy included the aquarelle paintings that have never been exhibited before, it became a great addition to the presented aquarelle treasures of the museum.

Aquarell portrait exhibition, Tropinin Museum

At the beginning of the 19 century graphic portrait art started blooming in Russia. The aristocracy loved to order aquarelle portraits for decoration of their houses. The miniatures got very popular, too, as it was easy to place them in family albums to show to the guests or take them with you while traveling.

Aquarell portrait exhibition, Tropinin Museum 2Aquarell portrait exhibition, Tropinin Museum 3Aquarelle, Tropinin's museum 3

The opening of the exhibition was followed by a drawing session of a moving model, a classical music piano concert and a private tour of the museum.

Tropinin Museum Aquarelle portrait exhibition opening Tropinin Museum Aquarelle portrait exhibition opening 2Tropinin Museum Aquarelle portrait exhibition opening  3

If visiting the museum in summer enjoy a beautiful garden of the mansion!

Tropinin Museum Garden


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