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Svetlana Sazhina Art Gallery

Svetlana Sazhina Art Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being in Moscow Art Market. Situated in the very centre, in Brusov’s Pereulok, it attracts art lovers by the charming exhibitions that regularly take place over there. Svetlana says she has more then 20 artists she loves to work with and present their new work seasonally, along with it she discovers new names and help people to get on the road to open their talent to wider audience.

I personally get impressed with Svetlana’s special gift to choose the painters whose work would really strike your heart. This year one of the exhibitions she organized was “The bridge to the light side” displaying the paintings of Vladimir Ryabtchikov.

Svetlana Sazhina Art Gallery Vladimir Ryabtchikov paintings

The paintings are of such mystical character that you would stop and look at each of them for a long time. Vladimir says his paintings are the expression of lyrics of his soul, they lead you to the images of his inner world which is seeking for the moment of eternity in the kaleidoscope of life. It changes something we see as ordinary: a tree, a cloud, a road, a house to something different, an object reflecting the light of paradise.

A tree is shown as a symbol of growth and development, prosperity and being alive in spite of never ending struggle with forces of nature. There is a road leading to such a tree if you decide to go that way.

Svetlana Sazhina Art Gallery Vladimir Ryabtchikov paintingsSvetlana Sazhina Art Gallery Vladimir Ryabtchikov paintings

Two glass vessels filled with warm and cold winds as symbols of living and dead water are put in front of each person — for him to make a choice. These amulets look so mystical as if dreams and reality are solved together to show that our life consists of both of them. And only if we choose the light, the darkness tend to disappear itself, there is no other way.

Svetlana Sazhina Art Gallery Vladimir Ryabtchikov paintings 5

Coming from fairy tales of his mind the images of Fleur and Kolombina are mixed with portraits of the belovered ones, the similarities of faces and moods!

Vladimir Ryabtchikov, portraits Vladimir Ryabtchikov, portraits  2

Another interesting painter, Liliana Spik, was presented in Svetlana’s Gallery twice this year: the exhibition “Architecture” and “The time to collect stones,” both interesting and very different. Look at this Infanta of Velazquez being lost in the coldness of geometric shapes of modern architecture!

Liliana Spik, Architecture

The beauty of three roses in the abstract painting!

Три розы by Liliana Spik

And the stones as symbol of people’s beliefs, the ones they made so many legends about!

The history of stones as the history of people, we are together for centuries!

Stones by Liliana Spik

Wishing the best to Svetlana Sazhina and years of success to the Gallery!

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