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The Spasskaya Tower Festival 2017

The Spasskaya Tower Festival is an annual international event held in Moscow, Red Square. It is named after Spasskaya Tower of Kremlin. Since 2006 more than 40 countries have taken place in the festival. The participants are Russian and foreign military orchestras, folk groups and the Honor Guard Units of different countries.

Spasskaya Bashnya festival

The Spasskaya Tower Festival is a parade of music and a spectacular show to be seen by the walls of Kremlin in the very heart of Moscow. The combination of military, classical, folk and popular music played by military bands makes this show one oh the most memorable events of the year.

The Spasskaya Tower 2017, 1

At Spasskaya Tower you watch well-adjusted movements of military men dancing and playing instruments at the same time. The parade of uniforms looks like a military fashion show. While a new band is approaching the stage you practice your skills in guessing by the costumes which country they might belong to until the announcement makes it clear.

The Spasskaya Tower 2017, military band 2

At the temporary Manege you can watch a special horse riding program. The riders from the joint team of the Cavalry Honorary escort of the Presidential Regiment and the Kremlin School of Riding perform the most complicated stunts on horses.

The Spasskaya Tower Festival 2017, a horse riding show

Other than enjoying live orchestral music you are in the middle of cultural exchange with people from other nations. Look at the performance of Chinese team! What an amazing photo with St’Basil Cathedral at the back!

The Spasskaya Tower Festival, Chinese Show

 Credit to the beautiful photos made by Andrey Lobanov.

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