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Russian Kokoshnik at World Cup tribunes

Russian Kokoshniki became unofficial symbols of female and male fans at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Many fans from around the globe tried something new on their head: looking as a tiara, a traditional Russian headwear “Kokoshnik”.

Foreign fans in Kokoshniki 2

First Russian female football fans appeared wearing Kokoshnik with team jerseys and traditional costume at matches and fan zones to show their allegiance. Later male fans joined them, too.

Russian fans in Kokoshniki 3Foreign fans found them beautiful and very Russian, they wore the Kokoshniki with their own teams’ symbols or as a fashion accessory.  Kokoshniki were among the souvenirs World Cup fans had been purchasing in Russia. Foreigners in kokoshniki were walking around Moscow being seen in the fan zones, at the matches or at the airports when taking them home.

Foreign fans in KokoshnikiIt is not for the first time Russian Kokoshniki attracted such great interest. They also entered the world of fashion as Headdresses at Russia’s Fashion Week. Look at this headwear inspired by Russian costume history presented by a designer Konstantin Gayday.


A traditional Russian piece of female headwear, a Kokoshnik has been around since early 17th century, changing its shape or purpose of use.
The married women were not allowed to show their hair in public, so they could  hide it under a magnificent hat. Pearls were  favourite decoration for Kokoshniki, some really looked like masterpieces, so they were not meant to be worn everyday but at special occasions. Makovetskiy, a famous Russian painter is famous for depicting young women in the Kokoshniki.

Kokoshnik painting 1Devuska-v-kokoshnike Makovskiy

Peter the Great banished the Kokoshnik for the upper class of society, but its decline was halted by Catherine the Great, who presided over a revival in Russian fashion. In the 19th century, a second great renaissance arrived with the surge of patriotism around the Napoleonic wars. The Kokoshnik flourished and was seen at weddings and festivals across Russia. It became part of the costume of the noble and wealthy again.

Kokoshnik in paintings 4

Nowadays the Kokoshnik in its simpler version is a part of a folk Russian costume.

A photo of a girl in a Kokoshnik

A photo of children in a Russian costume






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