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Russian design
Blending two cultures into the art of making a scarf

Everything started with the photography. The architecture of Moscow looks so great on pictures that it inspires you to use the images in the design. In 2010 Laurence Pipon and her friends created the first collection of silk squares and scarves revolving around a Russian theme.

In time the business grew and more designers have joined together under as the group Carre Russe, Russia. Now it represents several brands such as Icone Galerie, Chichmanova, Olga Nikich, Philippe Jordan, Kokosha Studio, Kaleidoskop, Sirinbird and Wow. Each designer has his own special way of mixing the well-known Russian symbols with the famous French squares.

Russian theme scarves

“We are engaged in promoting the Russian taste and culture by adding a tip of “French art of living”, says Stephanie Senechal Tcetverikov, the director of Carre Russe.

Visiting the showroom — you don’t notice how time flies while looking at the beautiful ornaments and trying on an array of textiles. The scarves and stoles are made in silk, wool and cashmere, and offered in various sizes.


Experience this unique and developing project,

the combination of Russian culture and French taste is already a huge success!Russian symbols in scarves


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