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Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Moscow 2019

I can’t talk about Diego Rivera as my husband, to name him as a husband is absurd. He has never been and never would be somebody’s husband. I can’t call him just my lover as well as our relationship is much more then sex. If I try to talk about his soul I would only make it by painting the picture of my own emotions.

Frida Kahlo

I didn’t know it then but Frida was the most important thing that happened in my life, and she would be till the moment of her death 27 years later.

Diego Rivera

Frida & Rivera, portrait of two

A big event in cultural life of Moscow, an exhibition Frida Kahlo &Diego Rivera is still going on in the Manezh exhibition centre. Fridomania of the late decades of the 20th century has made its effect: a monobrow, flowers in the head and a monkey are recognized symbols of Mexican modernism all over the world. Frida’s self-portraits and accessories became part of mass culture. This time we are given a chance to see chronologically how her unique style of painting got developed, changing under the influence of her personal life drama.

Frida Calo in MoscowFrida Kahlo in Moscow, 2019

Frida Kahlo in Moscow, 2

Diego Rivera, the most known artist of Latin America, was also a poet of revolution. In 1920th Mexican rebellious art got noticed in the world. Diego Rivera, a communist and a cosmopolitan person did a lot to establish close cultural contacts between Mexico and Soviet Russia. He personally greeted Mayakovsky, Eisenstein and Trotsky on their visits to Mexico. He visited the Soviet Union in 1927 and stayed till May, 1928. Later he delivered a lot of speeches about Russian art and culture in his country.

Frida&Rivera exhibition in Moscow

His second and last visit to the USSR  in 1955 was to get medical treatment. Being seriously ill he spent his time in the hospital making drawings of the children playing around  and people passing by. His paintings of Russian children are remarcable! The fur of the hats, the blue eyes of the children, the sledges!  They are so Russian, but yet the pictures are done in such different Latin American style. Looks amazing!

Russian children of Diego RiveraRussian children of Diego Rivera,3

Russian children of Diego Rivera,4




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