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Patriarch’s Ponds – Bulgakov’s Festival


The old name “Partriarch’s Ponds” has remained in the plural since the 17th century. The ponds, there were 3 of them, became one in time, and after the Napoleonic war in 1812 the pond was cleaned, the trees were planted around it to create a garden square. Patriarch’s Ponds are a quiet green hideaway in the very centre of the noisy capital. The total area of the small park is slightly over two hectares. The pond itself takes up less than half of the area, while the rest of the space is occupied by the garden square and numerous walkways.

Parriarch's ponds 2

The pond is very picturesque in summer, when it is surrounded by green trees and in winter it is used as a skating rink. There is also a monument to the famous Russian fabulist Ivan Krylov, the characters from his fables are placed all around the park. Some houses in the nearby side streets are of particular historical and architectural interest that makes your walks around really enjoyable. One of them is claimed to be the house where Margarita, the main heroine from Michail Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita,” lived with her husband before she met Master and fell in love with him.”Margarita Nikolayevna and her husband occupied the entire floor of a wonderful mansion, situated in a garden on one of the side streets near Arbat. An enchanting place!”

Margarita's house

Moscow, 1929:a city that has lost its way amid corruption and fear, inhabited by people who have abandoned their morals. One day a mysterious stranger arrives in town with a bizarre company that includes a giant talking cat and a fanged assassin, that day all hell breaks loose. Among the people caught up in the strange and inexplicable events that shakes the whole capital are the Master, a writer, and his beloved Margarita.

Bulgakov's Festival at Patriarch's Ponds 1Bulgakov's Festival at Patriarch's Ponds 2 Bulgakov's Festival at Patriarch's Ponds 4

Annual festival of Bulgakov, organized by the theatre-museum “Bulgakovskiy Dom,”  starts on the 15th of May,  the birthday of Michail Bulgakov: all day lasting performances, exhibitions, special tours of the museum, a tram  tour “Bulgakov’s epoch,” a theatre play at night and the Official Opening  at Patriarch’s Ponds. Moscow theaters participate in the Opening staging the most popular and loved scenes from the play “Master and Margarita”. The magic o f the book still works,  the rain stops at 16.00 sharp  — such a pleasant surprise for the actors and the audience!

Bulgakov's Festival at Patriarch's Ponds 5

“At the sunset hour of one warm spring day two men were to be seen at Patriarch’s Ponds”, “Never talk to strangers!” – everyone familiar with the works of Mikhail Bulgakov is sure to recognize this quotes from “The Master and Margarita” novel.

Bulgakov's sign at Patriarch's Ponds
For Muscovites, Patriarch’s Ponds will always be associated with this timeless novel and its creator. This is where lovers of Bulgakov’s quiet, peaceful, yet mysterious, Moscow come for a stroll in the evening.

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