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Primorye, the Pacific side of Russia is an attractive destination both for foreign and local tourists. Geographically it is nearer to Japan and easer to fly from Korea or China. It is an 8 hour flight from Moscow. There are a lot of Russians who have never visited the place, a mysterious land to be discovered. The capital of the region is Vladivostok, the largest seaport in the Far East. National Geographic has included Vladivostok in its top most beautiful marine cities of the world. There are 6 reserves, more than 10 national parks and 900 natural monuments in Primorye. The warmest months are July and August with the average temperature +21, the coldest month is January. For an unforgettable trip warm and sunny autumn is suggested as the best season.

 Vladivostok skyline

The lovers of nature will be offered a tour to Safari Park that preserves wild animal life — tigers, leopards, deer, Himalayan bears, wolves, foxes, African lions and lynxes living without cages. The visitors can watch tigers or leopards in natural environment  from the six-meter high bridge around the park. There are some parts of the park you can walk in with a guide. Deers come closer to the people. You can feed and pat them. Great photos of the tour are guaranteed.

Vladivostok safari park deersVladivostok safari park tigers

Think of a gastronomic tour! The true taste of Primorye comes from the sea and the taiga. The basis of the Far Eastern Russian cuisine is a variety of seafood, wild meat and taiga plants. In the restaurants of the city you can try freshly caught crab, scallop, oysters, sea cucumber. The taiga offers mushrooms, berries and wild plants such as lemongrass, ginseng, pine nuts and fern. Kamchatka crab is a gastronomic king of the Far East. “Grab a Crab” annual festival lasts for two weeks and takes place in the months of July, August or September. Check the calendar of the events and enjoy seafood with wine!

Kamchatka crab

To complete the Eastern Ring of Russia, we fly to Kamchatka, the peninsula in the north-east of the country. Right up until the 1990s, it had been a closed region for foreigners. Nowadays this adverse land attracts travelers with its pristine beauty and endless wild nature landscapes. Kamchatka is the land of 300 volcanoes.

Kamchatka crater lake

Winter is the time for ski-tour funs. It’s a great way to enjoy clean air and stunning landscapes of the peninsula. Wouldn’t you like to ski down into the crater of one of the active volcanoes or have lunch on the shore of the Pacific Ocean with Kamchatka delicacies being served?

Kamchatka winter tourKamchatka winter tour lunch on the Pacific

The unique team #kamchatkafreeridecommunity offers you a great opportunity to sail along the Pacific coast of Kamchatka, its fjords and rocky cliffs on the catamaran “Kosatka” or the expedition yacht “Liberty”. You can explore sea areas from Kamchatka to the Commander Islands, the Kuril Islands, from Japan to Alaska. The marine fauna of these places is represented by sea lions, seals, various whales and avian bazaars. How can you describe the emotions that one can only experience in a real endless ocean! Welcome on board!

Kamchatka sea tour

Mysterious volcanoes, the mighty ocean, the world of wild animals, spectacular geysers, magical thermal springs, magnificent bays are waiting for you in Kamchatka.

Kamchatka landscape








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