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Moscow viewed through the centuries

The exhibition “Moscow viewed through centuries” is done for its 870th anniversary. The visitors are taken from one epoch to another captivated by the mosaic of various picturesque city views and stunning panoramas.

The first section is dedicated to the historical period when the Kremlin^ which comprises ancient cathedrals, palaces and squares, was considered to be the heart and centre of Moscow. The Russian capital was slowly forming and growing around the Kremlin.

The picture of White Kremlin

The section ” Talking about old Moscow” gives us a chance to recall the legendary Moscow spirit we know from literature. Boris Pasternak described Moscow of that period as ” old image of fabulous fairytale with wilderness, with all the magnificence of its cathedrals, depicting certain features of legendary third Rome.”

Moscow viewed through the centuries 2

“Red Square, the formula of Moscow” is a new look at the city image by a new generation of artists. The paintings by A.V. Lentulov are mosaic collections of codes and archetypes of the city. Colorful collages, created by the artist, turn into an enchanting kaleidoscope of bright impressions, memories and associations.


Lentulov "Moscow"

” The 20th century” section is a story about rapidly growing and changing Moscow: the atmosphere of 1920th-1930th, the large-scale reconstruction of Moscow after the II World War and lyrical landscapes of Soviet time in everyday bustle of the noisy streets.
Moscow viewed through centuries 5

Moscow viewed through centuries 9

Moscow viewed through centuries 8





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