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Misha Lenn, an exquisite artist of aquarelle

Wintertime in Russia is like an endless stream of New Year festivities. Welcome to this special time in Moscow life when everything is sparkling, and dynamic, and promise of wonder is with the promise of miracles in the air.

The exhibition “Music in movement” presenting Misha Lenn’s art on Imperial porcelain reflects the coming holiday atmosphere in Moscow. With the art event of such attractiveness the real celebration starts.


Misha Lenn is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist who has developed a distinguished style of watercolor painting. Misha was named the “Best Watercolor Artist” by ARTV Fine Arts Awards in North America.  We are fortunate to see some of his exquisite artwork here, in Moscow.

The “Wintertime Moscow” collection is a beautiful part of the exhibition presented both in watercolors and on porcelain. Six stunningly elegant pieces of his art are portraits of the never sleeping Moscow. “Evening rendezvous. Pushkin Square”, “ Premiere. Theatre Square”, “New Year in Kremlin. Red Square” – are the most recognizable places in Moscow presented in Misha’s    distinctive picturesque way. The elegance of white winter landscape is contrasted with colorful images of mysterious women.

This especial talent of capturing the mood of the flying elusive moment won Misha entry into the Guinness book of records as the author of a unique aquarelle style called “Moving illusions”.

Video “Colorful dreams” collection

“Wintertime Moscow” collection

There is nothing frozen in Misha Lenn’s art. Color, dance and music are the heroes of central to his painting. A musician himself, he sets the life in his watercolors move in motion, captivating the viewer with its dynamism and musicality. The musicians are dancing while playing and, in fact, so are the instruments in their hands. From their body movements, you can guess whether they are playing classical music or jazz improvisation. 

A virtuoso of painting, he is called “Mozart of a brush and paint” by reputed art-critics.

Video “Music in movement” collection

Travelling all around the world Misha depicts the rhythms of a modern urban life with his special delicate grace which makes us feel the soul of the city. In his art he continues the best traditions of the impressionists of the 19th century adding his personal modern touch. Misha’s art is displayed in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide, especially in the USA, Europe and Russia.



“Nowadays we see the world as if quite small and we all are connected with each other in visible and invisible ways. I have exhibitions all around the world so I fly around the globe a lot. I see that no matter where people come from and what nationality they are, all the want is peace and beauty. I will be happy to play even the smallest part in bringing this about.”

A master of color, he is mixing the palette as a composer would do with the mix notes, and the resulting music of aquarelle is played by his orchestra.

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