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Loudmila Varlamova’s World of Creation

Loudmila Varlamova is a known artist living in Moscow. While visiting her studio we had a chance to be present at the process of creation of a painting, she was giving a master-class at that moment, and also to look through numerous paintings exhibited there: length portrait of her interests, hobbies and tastes.

Carnaval and theatre are one of the most characteristic motifs in her paintings. The series of canvases dedicated to the Venetian carnival recreates the atmosphere of mysterious Venice. The painter employs various techniques for these artworks: oil, watercolor, gouache, but most frequently pastel. The spirit of Venice is conveyed by the color patterns created with floaty, vibrant, intertwined strokes of a pastel of most  gentle shades: blue, terra-cotta, rose and silvery.

Loudmila Varlamove, carnaval 1Loudmila Varlamove, carnava

The muse of travel has always inspired Loudmila, and it was France that gained her preference and love. In her numerous trips she has seen the country not only through the canvases of her favorite artists but from real life: discovering the simplicity and exquisiteness of the French landscape, Paris as a symphony of different architecture styles. Lets see how artistically possible it is to present the bridges of Paris in so different manner.

Loudmila Varlamova, bridges of ParisLoudmila Varlamova, bridges of Paris 2

Loudmila Varlamova, bridges of Paris,3Loudmila Varlamova, bridges of Paris 4

Music is a natural part of Loudmila Varlamova’s works. Every canvas visibly produces a tune inherent in her creations only. Whether it’s a single musician playing in Monmartre, strong wind turning his hair into dandelion fluff, and him smiling to himself immersed in the energy of music; or a single musical instrument, silent but as if about to be taken from a canvas to be played in the hands of a violinist — our artist  is deep inside the world of music and theatre.

Loudmila Varlamova, a musician in ParisLoudmila Varlamova, a musician in Paris

It’s understandable that Loudmila’s paintings, full of art and music, are attractive to be bought for personal collections. Loudmila is proud as an artist that some of her works were chosen by a world famous conductor, maestro Vladimir Spivakov.

Loudmila Varlamova with Vladimir Spivakov

Loudmila is also known for her love for experiment. Her desire to explore new technics and materials, and at the same time her craving for applicative things led to the creation of paintings on velvet. She became interested in the texture of this material and the effect that acrylic produced on it, a shimmering color. Some of her art-works in Paris are done in this style. Using fabric of different texture — from heavy tapestry to a light veil — she creates Art that introduces her state of mind, her vision and her feelings to the world.

Loudmila Varlamova, a painter, in her studio.







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