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Le Salon of Art, Design and Jewelry took place in the Ivanovsky Hall of the Russian State Library in September, 25-30.  The exposition was a combination of fine arts, the latest advances in design and unique pieces of jewellery. To show “the Art of Art” was the mission of the event that was organized with the aim to open new markets to the most discerning connoisseurs of art and jewellery.

The organizers believed Le Salon Moscow would become a new gathering place for collectors, galleries, museums and art lovers. The place chosen for the exhibition, the Ivanovsky Hall was reopened quite recently (2016) after a major restoration. It is located in the place where Rumyantsev Museum’s art collection was housed before. Historically a museum the new place has all the modern equipment and facilities to be operated as an exclusive showroom. During the  exhibition the visitors were offered guided tours and discussion talks.

Le Salon Moscow 3

Berko Fine Paintings displayed some beautiful art works surrounded by the exclusive furniture of Ham Le Huan, the interior designer who adopts the oriental concept as an inseparable link between interior and exterior.

Le Salon - Berfo Fine PaintingLe Salon - Berfo Fine Painting

Gallery Stanislas Bourgain, Paris was represented by its owner who had been a regular visitor of Russia for many years. Stanislas started learning Russian at the college, his interest in Russian culture and art grew more and more, that leaded him to deal with Russian Contemporary Art. In 2008, he opened an art gallery in Paris to sell and promote the best representatives of the new generation of Russian and Ukrainian artists: mixing paintings, installations, photographs, videos and performance events.

– Stanislas, what influenced you so much in Russian art that you decided to promote young Russian artists abroad?

– I started coming to Russia at my young years as I was studying Russian language in France and I saw the country changing and Russian Art developing a lot during those years, and the artists are the ones who reflect it in their work. The new generation of artists is different because they are more open to the international world, but yet they keep some sort of Russian vision in their art.

– Is there growing interest of European public to Russian Contemporary Art?

– Actually, this art is still quite new in Russia compare to Europe and America, but Russian artists differ from the others because of the originally strong academic art skills and Russian character of their work.

– Does speaking Russian help you to understand the Russian nature of their art?

-Yes, and not only that, my knowledge of Russian language and culture helps me to explain certain things about Russia to the Europeans as the context is very important in some of the artworks. I mainly work for young collectors, the ones who are interested in today, and they are the ones who want our dynamic changing life to be reflected in Art.

Le Salon - Gallery Stanislas Bourgain

Helmut Koller’s Studio was represented by Franck Laverdin’s Project, Palm Beach. Helmut Koller is mainly known for his colorful, bold and festive paintings of animals which are collected on four continents: America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Koller grew up in a beautiful Austrian countryside. He got his professional training as a photographer, and later became the official photographer for the Vienna State Opera.  Maybe it explains why at Le Salon the majority of the pictures taken by the visitors were done in front of his paintings.

Le Salon - Five Zebras on Red by Helmut Koller

Among the Le Salon exhibitors was ABA Gallery New York, one of the largest galleries specializing in Russian Art in the world. For years the gallery has been a partner in organizing exhibitions with the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and Moscow Museum of Modern Art.  ABA Gallery New York participates in cultural exchange between Russia and the United States, the gallery’s  important mission is to show beauty, rarity and importance of Russian Art to the whole world. ABA Gallery of New York exhibited canvases by Ivan Shishkin, Natalia Goncharova, Alexandra Exter and other renowned artists.

Le Salon Moscow - ABA Gallery New York

The exquisitely designed jewellery which had intrigued Hollywood stars with its sophistication was presented by Bochic. New York based fine jewelry line evokes a feeling of romance and timeless glamour. Launched in 2004 by Miriam Salat and David Joseph, Bochic created handcrafted fashion jewelry of a unique blend of styles. Unique carvings in Jade, Mammoth Ivory, Turquoise and other rarely used germs  give fresh, sexy, chic, enduring and bald look for luxury jewelry designed by Bochic.


Le Salon - Bochic, New YorkLe Salon - Bochic, New York 3Le Salon - Bochic, New York 5

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