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Kamchatka Theatre in Moscow

The Kamchatka was formed as a street theatre from artists of diverse nationalities who came together in Barcelona in 2006. Driven by the same interests and concerns and under the artistic direction of Adrian Schvarzstein, they started training intensely in group improvisation on the streets of Barcelona and researched the subject of immigration. They focused on the problems of integration to a different society, that is how the first performance was born.
In March 2007 they performed their first show “Kamchatka,” and in short time it became an international success.  They performed it more than 400 times in 27 different countries, winning the grand jury prize for best show in the Miramir International Street Arts Festival in Gent (Belgium) in 2008. The number of prizes they get is growing, and the new performances are being staged.

This May they came to Moscow with their first staged performance called Kamchatka. There were two shows at different time on the same day, May 27, and people watching them were truly amazed how different the performances could be due to improvisation.

Kamchatka Theatre in Moscow beginning

Eight characters lost in the city, each carrying their own suitcase. Passers-by or immigrants? Naive and curious, their emotions are barely contained, they know nothing about our norms, our rules and our way of life.

The game they play is so subtle it could be mistaken for reality. And now it starts in Museon. They stand watching us while we all expect them coming from another direction as they did at the previous show. This is what you learn at the beginning: each time a different performance — watch and follow!

Kamchatka Theatre in Moscow 3Kamchatka Theatre in Moscow 4

You join the play and, without you realizing it, a space for dialogue opens, where the spectator becomes an active part of the exchange and experimentation. Kamchatka eventually turns into a mirror; a mirror of our behaviour towards the Other, the Foreign. Shall we build  relationship with the Kamchatka members or should we reject them?

These are the first words of the people after the show:

You opened my heart again.

I really neeeded to participate, not just observe.

You gave your heart each time to us so I decided to give you my heart.

 I felt naked. My soul was naked!

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