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IWC Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball

Annual IWC Embassies of the World Ball took place in Metropol hotel on March 25th, 2017. This traditional and important event in Moscow’s life was organized by IWC club for the 21st time and entitled “The Roaring 20’s Ball” this year.

To feel the atmosphere created in the Ball let’s travel to the past and watch “The Great Gatsby” or “The Sheik” taking us back to history or let’s visit New York of 100 years ago, which was for the first time called “the city that never sleeps”. A lot of things contributed to the party-on atmosphere of New York in the 1920s’: jazz music, a new era in fashion, the rise of advertising and the development of cosmetics.

The most memorable fashion trend of the “Roaring 20’s” was the flapper look. Women “bobbed” or cut their hair short to fit under the popular cloche hats. Low waisted dresses allowed women to kick their heels in new dances like the Charleston. In the world of art, fashion was being influenced heavily by surrealism, abstractions of art nouveau decoration were replaced by more smooth and geometric forms of art deco. It was a decade of “anything goes” with the slogan of that time “eat, drink and marry”.

Hotel Metropol, a luxurious and historical building opposite the famous Bolshoi Theatre, welcomed guests to the splendid evening with food, drinks and dancing. At different times Bernard Shaw, Bertold Brecht and Marlene Dietrich stayed at this hotel and probably were dining in the beautiful Art Deco Ballroom as we did at the “Roaring 20’s “ Ball.

The ball was a unique fund-rising event that contributed a lot to the charity activities of IWC club. That was a case when entertainment served a higher purpose. The prizes donated by the sponsors to the evening raffle and silent auction were truly spectacular: champagnes, spirits, artwork and many other wonderful items.

As one of the main sponsors of the Ball Eisenberg presented the raffle prizes and the beautiful display of Eisenberg Fragrance for the guests to enjoy the unique and extravagant scents.

IWC Ball of the Embassies, Eisenberg


An unforgettable evening! And expectations for the coming one!

Let’s meet one year later at Metropol!

Victoria Seligo, President IWC Moscow



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