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Imperial Porcelain Factory and Alexander Vasilyev present a new porcelain collection

Tea set yellow cup by Alexander VasilyevTea set red cup by Alexander Vasilyev

tea set blue cup by Alexander Vasilyev

The Imperial Porcelain Factory and Alexander Vasilyev present a new porcelain tea set collection called “Prelestnitsa, “ or “Charmer” in English. Exclusively beautiful white porcelain tea sets are made in six different colors with the 19th century fashion aquarelle drawings from the private collection of Alexander Vasilyev.

Alexander Vasilev Porcelain presentation

Alexander Vasilyev is a well-known Russian and French fashion historian, a collector, an interior decorator and a stage designer. He is also a famous author of articles and books about the history of fashion with many reprints in Russia. We’ve seen different exhibitions of the historical costumes from Alexander Vasilyev’s huge collection. Dedicated to different fashion styles or historical time they are always unique in their success.

porcelain Prelestnitsa tea set by Alexander Vasilyev

At the presentation of the porcelain collection Alexander emphasized on his idea to combine the beauty of the handmade designs of the past with the modern style of life. He wanted to make these elegant tea sets with the price affordable for more people to enjoy the tea ceremony. Alexander Vasilyev is planning to work on more collections with Imperial Porcelain Factory, the next one from the series “History of Fashion,” would be called “Dandy”.

Alexander Vasilyev's porcelain

The Imperial Porcelain Factory, one of the oldest in Europe, was established by the edict of the daughter of Peter the Great Empress Elizabeth in 1744. At the beginning the produced wares were exclusively done for the ruling Romanov family. Over the centuries so many outstanding collections have been created from bespoke dinner services used by the tsars to unique constructivist tea sets created in 1920s. Nowadays the company’s big success is based on the combination of traditionally high quality of the product and exclusive designs by famous artists.

Imperial Porcelain presentation of a new tea set "Prelestnitsa" by Alexander Vasilyev

Left to right: Elena Reznik, Producer of the award “Lilies by Alexander Vasilyev”; Vasiliy Samokhvalov, Commercial Director, IPF; Marina Ilban, a journalist; Mikhail Trenikhin, Director of Moscow Gallery, IPF; Tatyana Tylevitch, General Director, IPF; Alexander Kucherov, Adviser of General Director, IPF


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