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Fine Arts Gallery Apology of Misconception

Fine Arts Gallery is celebrating their 27 year in the Russian Contemporary Art market with the exhibition Apology of Misconception held in Moscow Museum Of Contemporary Art, December, 11, 2018 — January, 13, 2019. The exhibition reflects different concepts of the gallery during past 27 years, it presents the history of the gallery in paintings and works of graphic, photography, sculptures and installations.

Fine Arts Gallery 1 Fine Arts Gallery 2

Fine Art Gallery, Marina Obraztsova

The curators of the exhibition Marina Obraztsova and Irina Philatova personally took the guests around the exhibition. At the press-conference they talked about the gallery, its foundation nearly 3 decades ago at the time of political and social collapse in Russia, about the difficalties they had to overcome to stay that long in the market. There were a lot of painters at the opening, some stayed with the gallery from the first days and it gave them a chance to express their gratitude to the gallery and share some memorable moments of their cooperation.

Fine Art Gallery paintersFine Art Gallery painters 2

The halls of the exhibition were filled with the artworks of different genres demonstrating the changes in concepts and techniques in Russian Art of 20th-21st century, along with it the emphasis was made to present the most significant painters the gallery has been working with.

Fine Art Gallery painters 3Fine Art Gallery painters 4

Starting from the beginning and until today the gallery has done more then 290 exhibitions, some of them in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in the State Russian Museum. The gallery has been a participant in numerous Russian and international fairs and auctions, including the Phillips, Sotheby’s and Vladey.

At the present exhibition you can see the paintings of Igor Vulokch and Michail Roginskiy, the sculptures of Igor Schelkovskiy, the photo project of Sergey Golovatch and many, many others. I was personally impressed with the artwork of Dmitry Tsvetkov “Collection Parade,”2018 (wool, silk, pearls, straps, beads).

Fine Arts, Tsvetkov, Collection Parade ,2Fine Arts, Tsvetkov, Collection Parade,, 3Fine Arts, Tsvetkov, Collection Parade,2018

Wishing many successful years and new achievements to Fine Art gallery!

Fine Arts Gallery Anniversary, 2018



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