Eliseevsky Store

The famous grocery store “Eliseevsky” was opened  in 1901, and it ism still the most known shop  in Moscow. Named in honour of its former owner Grigory Eliseev, the store became famous not only for its big variety of products, but mainly for luxurious decoration of sales areas in Neo-Baroque style. Huge crystal chandeliers reminding of bunches of grapes decorate high arches of the sales area.

Eliseevsky Store

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The building is situated in the historic center of Moscow in Tverskaya street, 14, and it has interesting history. At the end of 18 century the Secretary of State of Catherine the Great invited the architect Matvey Kazakov to build a Palace for his beautiful wife, Kozitzkaya. In 1824 princess Zinaida Volkonskaya, a granddaughter of Kozitzkaya, opened a literary salon here, where the famous artists, poets and writers liked to gather. Pushkin, Baratynsky, Venevitov, Vyazensky, Mitzkevich  and others recited their poetry many times in this building.

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At the end of nineties of 19 century the house was bought by Gregory Eliseev, a millionaire from St.Petersburg. He was a rich tradesman of wine and colonial products, the owner of the biggest grocery store in Nevsky prospect in St.Petersburg. The first name of the store in Moscow was “The Eliseev Store and Russian, Foreign Wine Cellars”. “Eliseevsky”, as it was shortened by public, was being opened solemnly with church service, and priests were invited specially for that ceremony. Counters in the store were full of different kinds of food. Eliseev, who established close trade relations with European countries, sold various sorts of tea and coffee, different kinds of cereals, butter, cheese, sausages, rum, fruit, truffles and anchovies.

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After the revolution the store continued to operate still being very popular. The name “Gastronom №1” was officially given to it but not used by the people who continued calling it “Elissevsky.” And the portrait of Grigory Eliseev, painted by the artist-amateur Alexandr Romanov, was left as the part of historical decoration.

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In 2004 there was a serious inside restoration of the store, but “Eliseevsky” remained to keep the  traditional look of the store everybody remembered. The trading network “Alye Parusa” managed to combine the form of trade in counters with modern supermarket style.

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