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“Discover Russia 2017”

“Discover Russia 2017”, one of the biggest events organized for foreigners residing in Moscow, was held in Petroff Palace on a sunny Sunday of June, 18. The folklore artists from Mordovia, Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Chukotka and Osetia were changing each other on the open air stage while the guests enjoyed the beautiful day out.

Discover Russia 2017, a concert 1Discover Russia 2017, publicDiscover Russia 2017, a concert 2

The foreign guests of the event had a chance to see how different Russian culture and traditions could be due to its history, regional and ethnic diversity.

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The goal of the organizers of the event, Diplomat Service Group LLC and International Women’s Club of Moscow (IWC), was to make the international community acquainted with Russian style of life, traditions and modern culture. The display of Russian goods and souvenirs was popular among the visitors, especially the story-telling images of the Palekh Lacquer Boxes.

Discover Russia 2017, PalekhDiscover Russia 2017, Palekh 2

The ones interested in porcelain could find a retro collection of Soviet time miniatures.

Discover Russia2017, porcelain 1Discover Russia 2017, porcelain 2Discover Russia 2017, porcelain 3

While walking in the garden of Petroff Palace you could meet young ladies with artistic hair creation. You would be tempted to stop and go around them to have a closer look and finally take a picture of them.

Discover Russia 2017, hairstyle 1Discover Russia, hairstyle 2

Throughout the day the guests could enjoy the shows, Russian games, charity raffle and carnival photo shooting. What an enjoyable event before summer vacations!

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