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A famous artist hiding his real name under the pseudonym of Cheshire Cat exhibits “Think pink” as his message about contemporary art to the audience. What is going to happen to art if it gets blended too much with popular culture? Is it going to become pink fast-food? Is it going to dissolve so quickly in time as cotton candy is melting?

Orekhov Gallery represents international artists that work in a variety of media and guides the perception of the audience in the context of the global processes in the world. The gallery is in constant search for innovative form, scope and structure solutions. At the fair they present “Think pink” by Gregory Orekhov.

Cosmoscow 2018 Gallery Orekhov

The stands  of the fair are divided into seven sections: Galleries, Focus, Frame, Editions, Design, Past Present and Projects. While walking around the fair you can’t miss the “Ring Road” done by the Artist of the Year, Taus Makhacheva. It is a model of a mountain hill carved out of dolomite with a ring road represented by a notch around the perimeter. Makhacheva uses the road as a metaphor for power, criticizing any claims for their territory. The idea of the artist is to give this object as a gift to the one who in return undertakes an obligation to build a real road bringing the artist’s idea to life.

Ring Road by Taus Makhacheva

Pop/Off/Art gallery is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Russia. The gallery represents not only Russian but also the number of international artists with a focus on post-soviet space authors of Eastern and Central Europe. The artwork of Vladimir Potapov, paintings of “Seven sisters,” famous Stalin skyscrapers, is really a great choice to represent the gallery.

cosmoscow 2018 cover page

The Beluga, one of the sponsors of COSMOSCOW 2018, presents their product as an art-object this year, serving different cocktails in this artistic corner.

Beluga at cosmoscow 2018

The most significant event in Russian contemporary art market, COSMOSCOW 2018, took place in Moscow in September, 6-9.  This year three day intensive and diverse program was made in order to attract  even more participants then in previous years.  The fair featured some curated projects such as media art collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; “What We Are Made Of” by Qatari artists of different generations; the Collector’s Eye exhibition of loans from private Russian collections hosted by Smart Art.

Cosmoscow 2018 press conferencecosmoscow 2018 stands

cosmoscow 2018 stands 2

cosmoscow 2018 stands 3








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