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Commedia dell’Arte by Misha Lenn

Commedia dell’Arte porcelain collection was presented by Misha Lenn and Imperial Porcelain Factory on November, 22. Misha Lenn is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist. His unique painting style is recognized worldwide, and it got its significant part in international and Russian cultural space.

Commedia dell'Arte, Lenn, Moscow 2

Year 2019 is going to be the Year of the Theatre in Russia, thus presentation of the Commedia dell’Arte  porcelain collection is such a great start of the theatre festivities. It is illustrated by the world-known charming characters  of Italian Commedia dell’Arte.

Commedia dell’Arte has a long history originated in the streets and market places of the early Italian Renaissance. The Italian street performers wore masks with exaggerated comic features. These actors formed into traveling troupes touring from city to city. The companies generally included about ten actors—seven men and three women. The actors worked without scripts, following only written scenarios which outlined the action. They would tailor the show to the particular audience of the place where they were performing. Players made their performances accessible to all social classes removing language as a barrier through the use of skillful mime techniques. 

Commedia dell'Arte, Lenn, Moscow 3

Commedia dell’arte performances were a unique combination of set and impromptu elements. The general outline, the characters and their relationships, as well as the outcome of the situation were all decided before the performance began, using stock characters and tried and true plots. The actors were required to show their talents in filling out the remaining details of the story and keep the attention of the audience. This required Commedia dell’Arte performers to be skilled at surprise, clarity, and wit. The actors chose their words carefully to produce the desired effect making the audience laugh or cry. The best of them imbued their roles with individuality, freshness, and brilliance! 

Commedia dell'Arte, characters, Lenn, MoscowCommedia dell'Arte, characters 2, Lenn, Moscow

Arlecchino, also known as Harlequin, typically acrobatic and mischievous, he is one of the zanni. He is a servant, and is recognizable by the colorful diamond-shaped patches that traditionally were part of his costume. Arlecchino is often the servant to Pantalone, or sometimes to Il Dottore. He is in love with Colombina, but she only makes fun of him at the plays. He can often have a close relationship with the audience, involving them in the action or gesturing to them.Commedia dell'Arte, characters 3, Lenn, Moscow

There are 13 characters all together presented in the collection of Misha Lenn: Pierrot, Pantallone, Corralina, il Dottore, Brighella, il Capitano, Isabella, Coviello and other understandable characters with traditional identifiable masks. Commedia dell’Arte performers were mixing up with the guests in the gallery, a play directed by Misha Lenn was on stage.

The presentation was full of impromptu and surprise, including the demonstration of man’s suit lining, that was newly designed by Misha Lenn especially tailored by Mister Sho, St.Petersburg.

Misha Lenn's suit liningMisha Lenn's suit lining 2

Commedia dell’Arte appeal to the people without regard for language, nationality or social status, displaying the creativity and intelligence of humankind. The porcelain collection by Misha Lenn are not just the decoration objects, they are designed to beatify our life and they are sparkling with the creativity of the designer. Creativity is contagious!

Commedia dell'Arte, Misha Lenn exhibition

Commedia dell'Arte, Misha Lenn exhibition 2







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