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City Night Jazz

Vera Elnitskaya


Moscow “Dom Kino” is a legendary place where the cinema forums, recitals, workshops and conferences are held.  The painting exhibition of the artist, Vera Elnitskaya, stays really special among other events. The red walls of a big hall are decorated with the paintings put together under the name “City Night Jazz.”

City, the painting by Vera Elnitskaya          Night, the painting by Vera Elnitskaya
Flowers, the painting by Vera Elnitskaya

The pictures of the city life are a big part of the exhibition. The light makes it all — when the same scene changes towards the evening. The mystery of the night! The magic of jazz and dance!

Jazz, the painting by Vera ElnitskayaJazz late at night, the painting by Vera Elnitskaya

Dance and Jazz by the painter Vera Elnitskaya

Vera Elnitskaya was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1966. She studied painting at an art school, had a great deal of drawings made while traveling with groups of artists to different parts of Russia. In 1990 Vera Elnitskaya produced series of landscape paintings  and got the 1st prize in a competition among young artists of Moscow. In 1993 she spent six months in Ottawa, Canada, attending drawing classes at the Ottawa School of Art. In 2003 she worked at La Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, and came back wish French series of paintings. She participated in different exhibitions in Russia, Estonia, Italy, and the latest one is being on at “Dom Kino,” Moscow, which you can visit till  30 May, 2017.

"City Night Jazz" exhibitionAt the exhibition "City Night Jazz"

Vera Elnitskaya's exhibition, Dom Kino Moscow

Vyacheslav Ganenkho, a director, an actor; Vera Elnitskaya, an artist; Boris Blank, the Chairman of Film Artist’s Guild, an artist, a director, a screenwriter






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