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Celebrating Festival of Colors in Moscow

Indian Holi, the Festival of Colors was organized in Moscow by the Indian National Cultural Centre Sita on the 8th of April. Holi is one of the most important festive and joyful holidays of the Hindu-in calendar. It is a holiday signifying the victory of good over devil, the arrival of spring and the end of winter, the day for people to meet and play, forget and forgive. It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. We see a lot of similarities with Russian Maslenitsa. In recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic and colors.

In 2017 we celebrate 70 years of establishing diplomatic ties between Russia and India. The program of that special day included All-Russian competition of Indian dance “Festival of Paints”, a raffle for the guests, Indian food and goods.

The art of Mehendi hand painting, hand-embroidered Indian garments attracted a lot of visitors.

Anyone and everyone is equal in a game of coloring each other — a  friend or a stranger, rich or poor, a man or a woman — this is the tradition. The people looked as alive painting of impressionists and we really enjoyed looking at their colorful faces. Russians and Indians, we all had a great time at this international event!


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