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Walking through the most significant places related to Bulgakov’s novels or biography is a special summer treat! If you are with friends the gathering point is at Mayakovskaya metro station. on the way to the famous Flat 50 museum you will pass the Theatre of Satire which was the theatre that Voland made his magical Shows. The facade of the building was changed completely, and now only the old picture would show the beauty of the original one.

Bulgakov's walk

You continue walking on Sadovaya Ring and the next stop you do is to explore the apartment where Bulgakov lived when he came to Moscow from Kiev. The Flat N50 described in the novel is here, and it is open as a museum for visitors. The most creative visitors decorate the walls leading to the 5th floor with graffiti drawings or phrases from the novel. The neighborhood lost the battle of keeping the walls just painted,  they seem to accept the idea that this famous place belong to the whole nation.

Bulgakov's apartment museumBulgakov's apartment museum

In another part of the building there is another museum connected to Bulgakov’s Theatre. There is a statue of Begemot and Azazello at the entrance, the favorite place to take pictures.

Azazello and Begemot statue Azazello and Begemot statue 2Azazello and Begemot statue 3

And a famous red bus taking you for day or night tours around Moscow!

Bulgakov's red bus tours

Then we move to Chistiye Prudi, the ponds where the novel starts. You can seat at the bench where Voland meets Bezdomniy and Berlioz, and their famous dialogue about religion and atheism takes place. The tram which caused the death of Berlioz and made Bezdomniy run as insane, the oil that Annushka splashed on the tram line — it is all there.

Bulgakov's Chistiye Prudi 2

Bulgakov's Chistiye Prudi

Then you take a bus to Kropotkinskaya station and walk in Ostozhenka and Prechistenka, the houses described in the novel are located there, a castle looking one where Margarita lived, and a poor one where, in the basement, Master wrote his novel.

Bulgakov's Margarita's houseBulgakov's Margarita's house 2

Bulgakov's tour group



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