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Bogolyubov Library of Arts

The history of this remarkable building started in 1878 as a wooden mansion built for Alexey Bogolyubov, a professor of Academy of Arts, a founder of Russian society of painters in Paris.

A great Russian historical painter, a marine and a landscape-painter, he left his huge personal collection to Saratov’s Art Museum, which was opened in 1885. Nowadays the museum still possesses the biggest collection of Bogolyubov’s paintings and objects of Arts.

Alexey Bogolyubov's painting, Moscow

The mansion on Sushevskaya was a place to host a lot of well-known painters. Repin, Polenov, Surikov, Kramskoy were among the guests of Bogolyubov’s family. Later,  due  to his health condition Bogolyubov had to move to Paris,  so he sold his house to Nickolay Tretyakov (the son of the founder of Tretyakovskaya Gallery in Moscow). The wooden house was changed with some alterations and reconstruction made by the new owner. Tretyakov added a stone building to the mansion, and we still can visit the beautiful  Blue Living Room, a place for concerts, plays and dancing. There is also the Fireplace Room added at the recent renovation by the library, the hall is open for classical music concerts and conferences.

Bogolyubov Library of Arts, a Fireplace Room

The library located in this famous building has its own dramatic history of changing hands and names. Today it is a big cultural centre providing different activities to the people. It works as a library, a place where festivals, concerts and exhibitions are held. There is also a unique museum of musical instruments on the upper floor, and they all are being played at special master-classes.

Bogolyubov Library of Arts, a museum of musical instruments

The treasure of any library is its books collection. The Library of Arts preserves rare books, books of arts, books of music, classical literature and new bestsellers. You can take it home to enjoy reading or look through some books in cosy library halls. If you love touring the city they will show you a collection of books about Moscow. If you are a music lover, you can leaf through music catalogues with valuable Mozart and Beethoven handwriting.

Bogolyubov Library of Arts, books collection

Bogolyubov Library of Arts, a reading hallBogolyubov Library of Arts, music catalogues1

A place for all lovers of Arts!


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