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Tsaritsino in autumn

This year the day of History of Tsaritsino and the last day of summer park season in Moscow coincided together. Warm and sunny, it was a perfect day for outdoor activities. There was all day long concert program on the main lawn: baroque music and jazz played by Russian quartet of saxophonists, the hits of Sting and Led Zeppelin played by Arfasound.

Tsaritsino, day of history, concert 1Tsaritsino, day of history, concert 2

The open-space program also included a performance From Life Of Pineapples by Venera Kazarova and Marie-Antoinette by Sasha Frolova. Sasha learnt a lot from Andrey Bartenev, a painter, a graphic artist and a creator of many sculpture presentations. Sasha Frolova introduced her recognizable collection of inflatable fashion pieces in France. She staged an ode to Marie Antuanette inside Etretat Gardens, that made her known abroad as a performer of crafting synthetic experience. Enjoy her sculptures dancing!

The guided tour around the parks of Tsaritsino would have enlarged your knowledge of landscape design. You could  also visit the greenhouse exhibition of White flowers: Amazon lilies and Chinese roses blooming. The halls of the Big Palace were open for public. That day you could hear the stories about the creation of Tsaritsino as a summer residence of Catherine the Great, her dreams and plans about the place, her contradictory relationship with the architect Vasiliy Bazhenov.

Tsaritsino, the Big Hall, EkaterinaTsaritsino, a summer residence of Ekaterina the Great

In autumn Tsaritsino will continue with the unique project Embassies Nights introducing culture and music of different countries. They do broadcasting of these events with over a million people having it watched online. Embassies Nights are held in the Opera House, one of the most beautiful places of Tsaritsino. Seven countries have presented their programs already: Argentina, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Hungary, Azerbaydzhan, Lithuania. The next country is going to be Poland, you can watch a beautiful concert of Schopen on October,28.

Embassies Nights Tsaritsino 1

Embassies Nights Tsaritsino 1Embassies Nights Tsaritsino 3Embassies Nights Tsaritsino 4

The visit to the museum might take the whole day as it has so much to offer. For a cup of coffee you will stop at the cafe of the museum. Visit the souvenir shop there! A set of decorative faience plates designed by Michail Trinichin, will make a good present and memory of Tsaritsino to be taken home.

Tsaritsino parks

Souvenir plates of Tsaritsino by Michail Trenikchin







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