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ArtLife Festival

ARTLIFE FEST  is one of the most developing art events in Moscow which popularize classical forms of art in modern context. The organizers present Art as part of our reality and the source of everyday inspiration. Artists from Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and Asia presented their paintings to the public of Moscow during several days of the festival. There were more then 100 paintings of different genre and techniques at the exhibition: watercolors, pastel, black-and-white art, oil paint and fashion illustrations.

ArtFest 2018 paintings

ArtFest 2018 paintings 2ArtFest 2018 art lessons

Some of the artists made demo classes with online broadcasting, some were present at the hall guiding the visitors to the world of their paintings. Public talks and lectures followed one another. Polyphony of views, new opinions and recipes of creativeness led the audience to deeper understanding of Art. Master-classes for adults and children were big success, and such a possibility to learn different painting techniques from reputable artists.

ArtFest Moscow master classesArtFest Moscow master classes 2

You enter the hall and see the beautiful pastels by Olga Abramova, and the exhibition is the right place to talk to the artist about her paintings, plans and vision of Art.

ArtFest- Olga Abramova 2ArtFest- Olga Abramova 3

– Olga, when getting ready for the exhibition how do you decide which paintings to choose to represent yourself as an artist?

– These three I chose because of different reasons: they are in harmony in colors, composition and painting technique; all three are new and being exhibited for the first time; they are of big size, and it matters if the exhibition place is huge. I also used the painting in the middle, Irises for my demo-class at the festival.

– Olga, there are so many different artists presented here, but yet the whole exhibition doesn’t look as mixture of styles, the paintings are talking to each other. What is your impression, how do you feel here as an artist?

– I do agree that the collection of this exhibition is quite special, with practically no oil paintings, it looks very balanced in colors, and the light open-space hall adds to it.

-Flowers, meadow grass, blooming trees are the subjects of your last paintings. Is it your studio work or countryside creature?

-I live outside of Moscow and the nature is part of my life, meadow grass is from there.  I see that flowers are a bit undervalued in painting, but they are such rich material in terms of texture and color. I love experimenting!

ArtFest- Olga Abramova

The festival educational program offered numerous public talks in the lecture centre. Art lovers could experience a night auction and day performances. The ArtFest created a lot of activities to popularize art and make it present in people’s life.

ArtFest visitors 1ArtFest visitors 2










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