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Summer Book Festivals

Book Festivals look like must-visit events in Moscow. Garage Art Book Fair took place at the famous museum Garage in May, 2018. There were more then 50 publishing houses participating in the fair. The organizers offered an intense three days program: presentations of new books, master-classes and lectures about arts given by the writers, painters and publishers.

Garage Art Book Fair 2

The wide choice of books was the main attraction of the fair. You could see some really new books in the market, find the ones you have been looking for and get special prices for exclusive editions during the time of the fair.

Garage Art Book Fair 3

An annual Book Festival “Red Square” is the biggest platform in the country for all the people involved in book creating and book production. This significant literature festival, dedicated to Alexander Pushkin’s birthday, was held in the heart of Moscow during the first days of June.  All the space of the Red Square was taken by book shelves, open stages for master-classes, concerts and public meetings with the writers.

Red Square Book Festival 2

Traditionally modern writers do presentations of their new books, and this year the readers were delighted to talk to the French writer, Anna Govalda, whose books are known and loved by the Russians. Look at the queue for signing her books!

Anna Gavalda at Red Square Book FestivalRed Square Book Festival book signing

The festival had its continuation in GUM, the main department store, the museums and galleries of Moscow exhibited books and catalogues there. We attended the meeting with famous Russian artists Boris Orlov and Erik Bulatov  “How to become a new “classical painter” and get a place in Tretyakovskaya  gallery,” which took place  in the demo hall of GUM.

Red Square Book Festival in Gum

Red Square Book Festival in Gum 2Red Square Book Festival in Gum 3

The program of the festival included concerts, and what an experience it was at summer night: listening to  the music of Rachmaninoff and Grieg played by Boris Berezovskij and lookinng at the walls of St.Bazil’s Cathedral!

Red Square Book Festival night







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