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The East – Another Beauty

The exhibition The East – Another Beaty is dedicated to a woman in her traditional cultural surrounding. We see an eastern woman of different regions through the costumes, jewelry, paintings and household things. The world of these women, generally not open for men, is presented by historical evidence, legends and poems.

The East-Another Beauty, costume 1The East-Another Beauty, costume 5Another Beauty, the East, Kimono

In the Far East, in China the concept of the beauty developed from ancient Chinese philosophy. From one side, the natural beauty and its perfection was poetized. From another side, the nature and people, wild and uncivilized, were believed to be improved or brought to the better level of harmony. As a result a woman’s beauty was seen as a combination of natural and artificial: applying make up like rouge and ceruse but with the only purpose to underline the natural prettiness and making it more vivid. The hair, thick and glossy, in the shape of a cloud, was the favorite expression used to describe beautiful hairstyle of a a woman. The dresses of plain colors were used daily, and more decorative and bright fabrics were used for special occasions like palace ceremonies or weddings.

The East-Another Beauty, a Chinese costume

In Japan both men and women wrote poetry, especially the nobles loved writing and reading poetry aloud. These early Japanese poems consisted of five lines and followed a specific structure that outlined how many syllables each line could include. The poetry was mostly about love and nature, like this one of Kenkichi Nakamura:

Under the plane trees

Young women are passing by,

Upon their eyelids

Is a color tinged with blood.

Summer has surely arrived.

The East-Another Beauty, a doll 1The East-Another Beauty, costume 2The East-Another Beauty, costume 3

The exhibition will take you to some more Eastern cultures with great history and different recognition of women’s beauty across the continent, including the Middle East and Far East, Central Asia and Caucasus and the indigenous tribes of Siberia and Eastern Russia. Six halls of the museum are being used to exhibit more then 400 unique objects of Arts. The exhibition will be going on till January, 2018.

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