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Porcelain of the Soviet time, Art or Propaganda?

Every historical period leaves imprints in Arts, literature and music. There is a temporary exhibition dedicated to the 100th year of the Revolution of 1917 called  “A Porcelain Revolution. A dream about the New World”. The propaganda style in porcelain was an invention of that period — with Soviet symbols, slogans and lots of red colour.

An impressive collection of porcelain from the Soviet period 1920’s — 1950’s is displayed in All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. These objects draw you attention  in as artworks and historical symbols — “Red and White chess set” by N. Danko and A. Skvortsov.”

Porcelain of Soviet period - chess

Looking at this beautiful porcelain set you may begin to visualize the scenes from Arabic fairytales but then you read the title — “Pieces from the Discussion of Stalin Constitution”  — the unity of different nations in  the Soviet Union.

The Soviet time porcelain -2

Soviet time porcelain 3Soviet porcelain 4

After the 1950s, the porcelain tells another story of the country —  the story of peace after World War II .

Soviet porcelain 6 Soviet porcelain 7

The only museum in Moscow that encompasses a collection of Russian decorative and applied arts from the 18th to 20th centuries is widely known and loved by visitors. The most precious collection of the museum consists  of  artworks of Russian Modern, most notable is a masterpiece fireplace made by Michael Vrubel.

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art cover, a fireplace by Vrubel

The display of the wooden furniture represents the Russian Empire style with lapidary clarity of shapes and the majestic splendor of ornamental patterns.

Traditional Russian wooden furniture

In Russian peasant life woodcarving was used to decorate the house from inside and out, with ornaments that echoed everyday life, social customs, religion and archaic cults. All the ornaments and methods of house carving formed a comprehensive image of the Russian log cabin. The geometric pattern, often in combination with painting, was mainly used to decorate everyday objects.

Russian traditional house woodcarving

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art cover

A mixture of Russian Arts in one place!






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