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A two-days trip to Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl, the oldest town built on the bank of the Volga is just 3 and a half hours away from Moscow  by train. It is known as the capital of Golden Ring ancient towns around Moscow, a must-have visit for local and foreign tourists. If you feel like having a small voyage to a lovely green full of sightseeing town — this is the place to go!

Choose a quick comfortable train from Moscow to Yaroslavl with good service and just one stop on the way. There are plenty boutique hotels in the historical part of the town, that you can book through all known booking systems.

You would be surprised how many places around Yaroslavl are to be visited before you get into the town itself. Tolgskiy monastery is one of them. It was founded in 1314 at the deep forest place where the icon of Virgin Mary (Tolzhskaya) was discovered by the archbishop Prokchor. The sacred icon is still at the monastery attracting thousands of pilgrims.

Tolgskiy monastery, Yaroslavl

Tolgskiy monastery, Yaroslavl 2Tolgskiy monastery, Yaroslavl 3Tolgskiy monastery, Yaroslavl 4

The Church of John the Baptist is the unique assemble of ancient Yaroslavl architecture and incredible icon painting. It is not functioning as a church nowadays but it is a museum to be seen!

Yaroslavl was the oldest town being built on the banks of the Volga. Knight Yaroslavl built it during the time of his rule, 988-1010. The town started at this very place where two rivers, the Volga and the Korostel meet. Larter Yaroslavl Kremlin walls were built nearby.

Yaroslavl, the VolgaYaroslavl, the Volga and the Korostel

If you are lucky to visit the town at the Night of Museums, you will be in the middle of activities: street concerts, folk costume shows and performances. My favorite was the acting master-class dedicated to the Year of the Theatre in Russia.

Yaroslavl Night of MuseumsYaroslavl Night of Museums 2Yaroslavl Night of Museums 3

Spring is a beautiful time in Yaroslavl: blooming trees and flowers, banks of the rivers covered in green — the time of peace and tranquility!

Yaroslavl in spring

Yaroslavl in springYaroslavl in spring




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    December 13, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    Now I know exactly what you mean as I now also visited Yaroslavl….. in slightly more gloomy weather conditions but your pictures make me want to go back in summer!

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