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A Russian interior designer

What is a Russian way of decorating the house? Maria Cherkasova, an interior designer living in Moscow, is taking us to the world of modern interiors. Real stories are the best illustrations of the tendencies.

“I work in a city which is dynamic, changing and yet traditional in many ways. It affects the lifestyle of people living in it. They are looking for comfort and beauty. Different cultures and personal tastes are mixed. A designer becomes a virtuoso in mix&match, combining different styles, keeping the balance of historical elements with the urban concept. I personally decorate in different styles – Loft, Country, Victorian, Provance, or blend the styles to reflect the personal preferences of the clients.

English style, Maria Tcherkasova designEnglish style of Design, Maria Tcherkasova

Russian architecture of the 16th-17th century, Narishkin’s Barocco style, inspires me with its mixture of colors and decorative elements. I admire the architecture of Therem Palace in Kremlin. The picturesque palace interiors appeal to me because of its complex layout and rich ornaments.  The Palace leaves an impression of a precious jewelry creation.

Therem Palace

Architecture is so close to other arts especially painting. Some artists really influence your vision of the world. I love paintings by Zinaida Serebriakova, bright and vivid, with her touching attitude to life and ability to depict simple rituals as beauty of everyday life. Look at her incredible technique capturing the finesse of the moment.

"At breakfast" Serebriakova

High technology life changes the form of the art of decoration offering minimalism as a concept — modern buildings, steel and glass, the interiors of Loft.

Commercial interior design by Maria Cherkasova

My work with international companies such as Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Richemont  Luxury Group enlarged my experience in international cooperation. With its multicultural atmosphere, paying attention to every small detail of the working process I would call this period my career as a  business school. In 2009 I upgraded my professional skills when graduated from “Detali”, the best school of interior design in Moscow.

Maria Tcherkasova, a self-portrait. an interior designer in Moscow

I believe in fusion!

Welcome to the world of designing your life!









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