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8 of March, women and flowers!

Women’s Day is much more celebrated in Russia than St.Valentine’s. This is the day when men congratulate all women they are close to —  their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, colleges and female friends. This is the day of flowers! The most popular flowers to give are brightly colored tulips as they signify the start of spring, no matter how cold it could be outside. They are not the only flowers being given that day, the men have a good chance to show their creativity while choosing the right bouquet for the right woman.

8 of March, a man giving flowers

How do you choose the flowers then? To show your romantic interest, roses and tulips would do the best.  If you are visiting a friend, mix the types of flowers and colors with fantasy, go with white, pink, orange and violet.

Petrovskiy Passage, 8 March, flowers 4

Petrovskiy Passage, 8 March, tulips

Let’s go to a place where the magic of making a bouquet is on display!

Petrovskiy Passage, 8 March, flowers 6

Petrovskiy Passage, a shopping arcade in the centre of Moscow, presents the best selection of different flowers that filled in the galleries of the place.  You can’t pass by these small flower stands, multicolored beautiful flowers would make you stop and enjoy looking at them. The fragrance of fresh flowers is delicate but strong enough to make you believe in the spell of spring after this year long winter.

8 of March, Petrovskiy Passage, flowers 18 of March, Petrovskiy Passage, flowers 2

On this special day

the flowers are given and taken as symbols of love, friendship and good attitude to each other.

Petrovskiy Passage, 8 March, flowers 5



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